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San Francisco Scattering at Sea
will scatter your loved one's ashes at sea,
off the San Francisco coast, with the Golden Gate Bridge as the monument.

Funerals at Sea

Funerals at sea were once a maritime tradition limited to Navy and Merchant Marine
personnel.  Now they are open to everyone.  Many people prefer them to funerals on
land, because, they afford everyone spectacular views, near world famous landmarks,
in locations with special meaning for the deceased and family.

Funerals at sea entail either burial at sea, placement at sea, or scattering at sea.  All
three are subject to international law, national law, state law, as well as county and
municipal law.  All laws require that cremated remains, ashes, must be handled
with the same care and respect as intact remains.

In burial at sea the intact remains are committed to the deep.  They are either
casketed or cased, and weighted to descend to the seabed.  Burial at sea must be
conducted in "blue water" beyond national borders, at least three miles out at sea
and in water at least 600 feet deep.  This is usually 150 miles off shore.

In placement at sea the cremated remains are sealed in an urn.  This urn is "placed",
dropped, into the water to descend to the seabed.  In California, placement at sea
must be conducted at least 3 miles out at sea.

In scattering at sea the cremated remains are poured from the urn onto the water
surface.  They descend to a greater area of the seabed.  In California, scattering
at sea may be conducted in any navigable waters 500 yards off shore, but local
communities may further restrict the funerals from or to specific areas.
"Navigable waters" are any water way into which an ocean liner can cruise.

The deceased and survivors determine the type of funeral at sea based on their
religious, social, or personal beliefs.  For example, the Catholic Church requires
"remains buried in entirety", all parts together.  The Catholic Church prefers
burial and accepts placements, but discourages scattering.

Some people are eligible for a free funeral at sea conducted by the U.S. Navy.
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